On Saturday, May 11 next, the 14th of May Memorial Regatta Rotterdam will be organized for the seventh time by ‘Dutch Marines
Rowing Challenge’ with support from organizations listed below. It is an event commemorating the bombing of the city
Rotterdam in the May days of 1940.
In addition to commemorating, the 14th of May Memorial Regatta Rotterdam is also a sloop race over a distance of
14.051940 kilometers. This year as many as 30 sloops will participate in this race. The start is from the Old Port.
Marine Corps Commander Brigadier General Ivo Moerman will welcome you and a delegate from the
Mayor Rotterdam will kick off the regatta.

10:30 Reception at the Marine Museum
11.00 Program guests
11:45 Ceremonial
12.45 Starting shot regatta
13.00 Exhibition at Marine Museum
14.00 End of program guests
17.00 End of Memorial Regatta

For more information or to register press this link: https://dmrc.nl/events/aanmelden-14th-of-may-memorial-regatta/