Passengers’ mooring fees and services

The Haringvliet offers passing spots for pleasure boats, both historic and non-historic, with amenities such as electricity, drinking water, Wi-Fi, shower/toilet and washer/dryer. Historic ships can also be given a passing place in one of the other ports after coordinating with the harbor master.

To reserve a transient berth, please contact the harbor master : 06 52 663289. You should take into account the headroom of the various bridges in the area. A sign-in time of 30 minutes applies. The Haringvliet is accessible from the Nieuwe Maas via the Boerengat Bridge and the Oostbrug. These bridges have a pre-notification time of 30 minutes: Telephone 010-4113772 – VHF 20 VHF radio.

The mooring fee is €2.50 pmpn. For longer periods, we make separate arrangements.


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