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The Vertrouwen was built in 1910 for the price of ƒ 4000.00 (€ 1815.00) and was intended for peat shipping from Drenthe across the Zuiderzee (IJsselmeer) to Holland. In the process, peat was transported both in the hold and on deck. In 1916 the ship was sold and the new owner used it mainly for shell shipping from the Wadden Sea to Holland. In 1931, the Vertrouwen was sold again and the ship was used to transport all kinds of goods throughout the Netherlands, supported by an opduwer. Over the years, the ship becomes more and more rigged and an engine is put in, making it no longer a sailing ship, but a motor ship. Although the ship was extended in 1960, she made her last cargo voyage in 1965 and was eventually sold to a private individual who put her to use as a houseboat. In the years that follow, the ship is shortened to its original length and slowly begins to be rebuilt into a sailing vessel. Starting in 1990, the ship underwent a major overhaul and received a new mast, boom, gaff and sails. Currently, the ship makes several pleasure trips on the Dutch inland waters and Wadden Sea.

Dit schip is privé-eigendom en niet vrij toegankelijk.

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Hendrik Appelo, Zwartsluis




Lengte x breedte: 22.73 x 4.60 meters


106.72 ton


Iveco 8061si05