Two Brothers – Hasselter Aak

The Hasselter barge “Twee Gebroeders,” the ship’s original name, comes from the northeastern part of the Netherlands. The ship sailed at the beginning of the twentieth century mainly in the Dutch peat colonies where peat was extracted. In winter, the “Twee Gebroeders” brought peat from the peat colonies to the Turfhaven in Zutphen where it was sold. In the summer, peat was not transported, but reeds. The ship’s home port at that time was Wijhe, located on the river IJssel. Much later, the “Twee Gebroeders” was used to transport gravel from the Limburg dredging holes along the Meuse River. The “Two Brothers” was a company ship until 2003. That means a working life of more than a hundred years!

Dit schip is privé-eigendom en niet vrij toegankelijk.

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Hasselter Aak


Telgenhof, Vroomshoop/Daarlerveen (Overijssel)




Lengte x breedte: 20.50 x 4.30 meters


60 ton


DAF 575