Time catches up with you – Luxury motorcycle

“Time catches up with you” has been given only 3 different names in the past. First the name Judith, in 1964 Johanna until the year 1996.

Ruud van Sint Annaland became owner of the ship in 1996 and was first named ”Enterprise” With his own construction drawings and with technical operational ability, his renovations and restorations became a success.

In 2009, the owner gave the ship a totally new name because time had caught up with it.

The ship was confiscated by the German occupiers during World War II. During that period, the ship ran aground off the coast of Denmark. Fortunately, the ship returned to Dutch hands after the war.

In 2020, the ship got new occupants again.

The ship has always sailed and will continue to do so.

Through water and wind to the horizon of the Wadden Sea.

Dit schip is privé-eigendom en niet vrij toegankelijk.

technische informatie



Luxury Motorcycle


at Foxhol




Lengte x breedte: 32.92 x 6.00 meters


77 ton


diesel engine brand Scania type DS11-01