Blue Fish – Luxury Motorcycle

A journey with their ship through France. That is the great desire of the owners of the “Blue Fish. But before that happens, there is work to be done. They always wanted to live on a ship, and in 2013 they stumbled upon the “Blue Fish” on the Internet.

The condition of the ship was “Not too good,” as they say themselves. But the beautiful lines were the deciding factor. And then they could get to work. Meanwhile, the ship has a new bathroom and a new kitchen, but there are still many things on the wish list. A new mast, for example, and a new wheelhouse.

They find the biggest advantage of living on a ship to be the sense of freedom. And yet living right in the center of Rotterdam. Who wouldn’t want that?

Dit schip is privé-eigendom en niet vrij toegankelijk.

technische informatie



Friesian Tjalk





Lengte x breedte: 21.65 x 4.65 meters


67 ton


Scania D8